Kaya Oleson (Apr 1, 2018) : To me, depression has no specific color.

At first, it is many colors. Mood swings bring it to many vibrant shades. From your highest moments to your lowest, it would be everything from a cherry red to a deep blue.

As it continues, you would start to notice how much more of the bright, angry reds and the sad, self hating and hopeless blues. They begin to outweigh the amount of warm yellows and other colors that would represent a good feeling wether it be contentment, happiness, feeling loved, or other feelings you consider to be positive.

You would start to watch the colors wash by as you sat back and watched as they started to show themselves with out your control, slowly getting paler and greyer as they start to feel less like actual feelings and more like lies for the people around you.

Eventually, the colors fade away to whatever your idea of absence of color would be. Wether it’s black, grey, or white, it just fades into essential nothingness. Every color you show is merely an illusion for the people around you.

The colour white is every colour mixed together as one, like all of these feelings of grief, anxiety, sadness, disappointment etc.

But it’s also a blank slate; a backdrop for nothing.

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